Registering Your Product for Support Access

This product requires special registration in order to gain access to technical support through the web forums. The registration process is very easy! Simply follow these instructions...

(Note: If you already are a registered Licensed Member and forgot your login name, please click here.)

Locate your Proof of Purchase Certificate number. This is different than your regular order number:

On Download Versions:

This certificate number is also listed in your Flight1 Agent Library. Alternately please use your Flight1 Account to retrieve your certificate information.

For Boxed or Purchases:

Check the product packaging or manual for a printed number. It will have 2 parts, with a dash in the middle. Your code may also be in the email you received after purchase, or if you login to your account on the site you purchased from.

Important: If you used an upgrade coupon you need to use your ORIGINAL version purchase information. For example if you purchased the FSX version, then upgraded to the Prepar3D version with a coupon, use the original FSX version product codes to register.

Forum Username
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Certificate ID
- (e.g. 298765-HG23A8H1)

Please note that Certificate Numbers can only be used one time, meaning if you assign it to one username, you can't assign it to another afterwards. If you have any problems, please contact the Customer Service department.